A socio-psychological analysis of ecocidal mania, pandemic authoritarian personality disorder, etc.

by Michael Lucas Monterey, 2020, December 23

Abstract:  This brief thesis analyses the causes, contributing factors, circumstances, symptoms and possible treatment of the pandemic socio-cultural illnesses plaguing humanity and the biosphere. The work provides a critique of inadequate approaches and earlier theory, with a bio-ethical approach to realist ontology, psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology of civilization. The thesis begins with relevant introductory content, followed by sections on socio-psychological triage, diagnosis, possible options and prognoses, then concluding discourse on therapy and recovery. Supporting data, links, and citations are provided.

The 7 page document can be accessed via this link: Trump, Hitler, Freud, and Monstrosity

Note: The current draft is a preprint copy, posted for review and comment.