Holontology: The holotropic, holonomic science, theory, and metatheory of macro-ontology and meta-ontology. Being truly holistic, holontology and macro-ontology differ from ontology (and “ontologies”) by dealing with the whole of being, and its universal nature, not just with limited, subsidiary subdomains of reality. Holontology differs from macro-ontology by integrating holonomic metatheory of the whole of reality and science, providing a definitive conceptual foundation for the paradigms of the subsidiary subdomains of macro-ontology. For example, macro-ontology involves investigation, experiment, testing, and proofs/disproofs of the work, results, and theory of its subsidiary subdomains, the other sciences and their domains of discourse. Thus, holontology enables integrative, evolutionary progress of science as a whole, the original and still valid purpose of science.

This page will contain posts with links for accessing books, papers, essays, articles, and podcasts on the theory, metatheory, and results of work on theory & metatheory of holontology, holotropic ontology and holonomic macro-ontology, the unitive science of being as a whole (universal reality).

Awareness, Epistemics, and Paradigm Repair, Rev. 2e

An epistemic lexicon of terms, with definitive explanations ~ a preprint, for review and comment only.

Abstract: This is necessarily an evolutionary work in progress. Its purpose and goal is enabling real progress of science, mathematics, society, and civilization. Thus, to accomplish the mission, upgrading the current sociocultural paradigm is essential. That makes holistic ontology and optimal epistemics essential to ongoing work and to further development of new theory and metatheory. Hence, the current listings of key terms, definitions, and explanations presented here provide some core concepts and supporting theorems, metatheorems, equations, and examples. That enables remedial revision of relevant domains of thought and discourse. The project is also intended to inspire collaborative extension and ongoing refinement of the work. The appendices provide additional perspective.

NOTE: The next draft, forthcoming, will include entries for “history” and other relevant terms in need of upgraded definitions.

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.25270.37442

Doc. @ https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjcgOqY_fT-skwUHCGnnfC4XWOMG

Astronomy, Geometry, and Logic, v.1c

The latest draft (posted 05/14/22) of this short, concise work of proof, theory, and metatheory provides summary meta-proofs and verification of the work and results presented in the Theory and Metatheory of Atemporal Primacy and Riemann, Metatheory, and Proof. In this version, several new and revised definitions of terms were added to subsection SS.1; and many corrected equations, theorems, metatheorems, proofs, and explanations are included in the main text. The body of the text is approximately 18 pages, with 3 sections; 1, an Introduction (with a 108 page listing of key terms & definitions), sect. 2, the Results, sect. 3, Discussion (commentary & predictions), and sect. 4, Works Cited. As much as possible, the style is intended for readability and understanding by very bright children (with some interest & knowledge of maths, etc.) and very interested nonprofessionals. The results of this project also enable upgrades of number theory, set theory, proof theory, metamathematics, the foundations of science, and quantum mechanics theory (etc.). To review the current draft, use the weblink @ Revised preprint draft v.1c


A Theory and Metatheory of Atemporal Primacy

The title page includes a brief summary and table of contents. The main text, page 2 to 27, contains theory, metatheory, notes & citations. Appendix A, page 27 to 91, provides corrective definitions and redefinitions of terms. Appendix B, page 91 to 111, on the sociolinguistic dimension of the current crises in science and society, includes supporting historical data, scientific fishortndings, and interpretive commentary. Appendix C is pending final revision. To review and comment on the current preprint draft, use the following weblink: Theory & metatheory of atemporal primacy

The following shows the subtitle, etc., the summary abstract of the paper, and table of contents.

Subtitle: Revising and extending the paradigm of science with macro-ontology and epistemics

A revised preprint draft, completed 02/23/22, for review and comment only.

DOI: doi.org/10.13140/rg.2.2.11535.25761

Copyright ©2022 Michael Lucas Monterey

ABSTRACT: This thesis—on macro-ontology, physics, logic, and metalogical principles—presents the findings, results, theorems, and metatheory that correct long-standing defects and deficiencies of current standard model (SM) physics and cosmology. It eliminates artificial SM anomalies, paradoxes, logical fallacies, absurdities, and conflicts with reality (and the findings of plasma physics, astronomy, and ontology). New theorems and metatheorems eliminate the illogic maintaining distortions of post-Einsteinian SM physics, its wildly speculative conjectures, and shibboleths (its unrealistic assumptions commonly accepted as facts). In critiques of misperceptions, misconceptions and misinterpretations of observations and data, this thesis exposes the common failure to recognize the severe deficiencies of theory, science, ontology, and mathematics. New results prove that chronic failure to differentiate realities from theorems, hypotheses, conjectures, opinions, and beliefs prevents progress to better physics and STEM education. Therefore, this thesis also enables resolution of the long-standing logical incongruency of physics, psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy, especially ontology. So, the facts and proofs presented here enable a new era of discovery, creativity, and technological progress.








APPENDIX C (pending) — P. 115

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