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Riemann, Metatheory, and Proof

Riemann’s Hypothesis, metamathematics, solutions, and proofs. Revision 3, completed March 30, 2022.

A preprint manuscript-in-progress. Copyight (c)2022 Michael Lucas Monterey. Use is permitted for review and comment only.

The work provides comprehensively definitive, unconditional proofs of Riemann’s hypothesis, Goldbach’s conjecture, the ‘twin primes’ conjecture, the Collatz conjecture, the Newcomb-Benford theorem, and the Quine-Putnam indispensability thesis. The proofs validate holonomic metamathematics & meta-ontology, new number theory, new proof theory, new philosophy of logic, and unconditional disproof of the P/NP problem. The proofs, metatheory, and definitions are also confirmed and verified with graphic proof of intrinsic enabling and sustaining principles of being. The paper is available via the following link:

Michael Lucas Monterey — First posted 2020, October, 27

Post-modern Sets, Logic, Reality, and STEM

The previous draft of this article (posted 10/29/20) was incomplete and included errors that needed correction. The new final draft is linked below:

~ Michael Lucas Monterey ~ 2020, October 31

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