Nine Maxims of Bioethics

December 3, 2018

The bioethical paradigm of the Global Community Development Alliance (GCDA) and its Global Community Credit System (GCCS, establishment & launch process pending) integrate the 9 maxims listed below:

1. Do for other beings as you would have them do for you.
2. Help other beings as needed, without harm.
3. Give and share as generously as feasible.
4. Foster and support personal & cultural wellness.
5. Foster and support lively commonwealth.
6. Foster and support political ethical integrity.
7. Foster and support personal ethical integrity.
8. Foster and support communal sustainability.
9. Foster and support robust ecological diversity.

As you can See, those Nine Maxims of Bioethics encompass and express all the intrinsic principles of a healthy communitarian cultural paradigm. So, if each member of a culture understands, appreciates and lives in the Way of Community enabled by the bioethical paradigm of cultural sanity, then the outcome will be optimal. Otherwise, since causes always precede results, the quality of a culture’s outcomes will be determined by the degree to which it accords with or deviates from the Way of Community.

Hence, obviously, a civilization worth sustaining must have a positive, nondestructive socioeconomic paradigm supporting a bioethical monetary/credit system. That makes counteracting any negative, debt-for-profit currency system designed to cheat people and communities out of their cultural commonwealth, freedom, self-reliant interdependence and optimal evolutionary potentials.

The GCDA and GCCS are designed to enable that.