Why unite & cooperate?

July 19, 2020

As the Buddha realized, one of our worst problems is thinking that we have time. Yet, now is the time to create our best possible quality of life, if we start now, or shortly hereafter. Naturally, as always, human life is still more about quality of life than quantity of stuff. So, since our quantity of life is destined to diminish, the call to alliance and action (@ the link below) is all about how we could ensure our best possible quality of life.
> Alliance or Dystopia: Why we should unite

Greenland Meltdown News

Report, Cryosphere, April, 2020

The beginning of the end of Civilization 1.0 began when the Mediterranean super-volcano, the island of Thera (now Santorini) blew up 3,635 years ago. That caused a global ‘volcanic winter’ and disasters that ended the great Minoan civilization and devastated many others. Then, devolving through centuries of super-traumatic distress, came the more violent, mostly patriarchal dominator/conqueror cultures and Civilization 2.0, now ending. The link below will take you to the revised handbook (with a huge collection of resource links) for creating the next phase of global civilization. The preprint draft is available for review and comment or, potentially, for more collaborative expansion and/or co-editing.

Civilization or Dystopia (v.6b, posted 07/18/2020)