Awareness and Power: On money, credit, value, bioethics & action

Book project-in-progress. The current preprint draft is viewable for review and comment only, via this Share link > Awareness and Power

Churchianity Redo Dues

Here’s a link to the lyrics & musical notes for a new song: Churchianity Redo Dues

Beyond the Gates of Eden

The new song’s a very different, more expansive (12 verse), up-to-date take on young Bob Dylan’s surrealistic take on William Blake’s “Songs of Experience” and the biblical book of Genesis (etc.). The link > Beyond the Gates of Eden

Idols of Babylon

Monday, 12th, July: This song began in 1983, then incubated on the back burner. It’s just in time now. FYI: The mention of Zimbabwe refers to the miracle of habitat restoration, rapidly reversing desertification, intitiated by biologist-ecologist Allan Savory and allies at the Africa Center for Holistic Management. That miracle is evolving thanks to the Savory Institute (of Boulder, CO) and Mulloon Creek Natural Farm and the Mulloon Institute of Australia. “Homestead paradise” refers to the work of the Shepards at Restoration Agriculture Nursery, a bast-case example of regenerative landscape-scale permaculture. The song was inspired mainly by mentors who realized that whatever we invest with our attention, devotion, and/or obsession becomes a deity or idol or demon. Of course, Bob Marley’s best songs (among others) were also inspiring. The link > Idols of Babylon

Momentary Symphony: An autobiograph

Tuesday, 13th, July: Started feeling this little folk-rock mini-opera coming a few days ago. Got ideas, concepts, some lines and phrases yesterday afternoon while out and about. Woke up with some solid basics, direction, and motivation. Worked on it from 9 AM to 3 PM. This morning (Saturday, 7/17) got the inspiration for a final revision & expansion. FYI: The long segments are meant to be poetic, somewhat operatic bridges from verses to the choruses. Naturally, the melodic structure will be somewhat like a folk rock symphony. Of course, it’s a sketchy, extremely condensed self-portrait in words & ideas that evolved through 50 years. Still, I hope it inspires and encourages or empowers somebody. Dylan seems to realize we’re all multitudes, but my intent is to foster acceptance of our uniqueness as ones of the one universal being, being each of us in each moment of its presence and infinitely creative totality. Lyrics & notes link > Momentary Symphony

California’s Burning

This blues song was inspired by driving through the smoke, from Oregon to California. It’s about the world burning out of control. Also about needing to abandon another home and get away from a giant wild fire, but not knowing where to go, nor knowing if anywhere else will be safe. Later, last year, a friend and I had to flee the smoke and fire raging just East of our home. So, yes, it’s a song of personal experience. The link > California Burning

Bobby Z and Me

This song is yet another incomplete autobiographical expozay [sic]. As usual, the hope is that it helps somebody deal with kleptocracy’s plutonomy somehow or other. Lyrics @ Bobby Z and Me

Kleptocracy Blues

This song began about 2 years ago, while driving to and around Kansas City, and back home to Oregon. It evolved over the next year or so, as I watched the accelerating rise of corruption, greed, mass-confusion, pandemic panic, apathy, complacency, and normalized insanity running and ruining the world, communities, families, and countless lives. Lyrics & notes @ Kleptocracy Blues

Rocky Mountain Boogie

This song began evolving while I was living in the central Rockies, Gunnison, Colorado. As usual, I was enjoying the good things, but seeing more of the inherent insanities and injustices of Kleptocracy USA. Lyrics & notes > Rocky Mountain Boogie

Sidetrack City

Living in Crestone, Colorado, from January 3, 2012, to mid-2014 inspired this semi-autobiographical reflection on the peculiarities of ‘romances’ in the ‘modern’ USA. Naturally, I hope it serves as a sobering cautionary tale for reckless male romantics, and a warning to the young women who may consider taking them seriously. I sincerely hope that the song helps prevent unnecessarily painful tragedies and chronic consequences. Lyrics, etc. @ SideTrack City

Prime Time Horror Show

The nature and intent of this anthemic work was partly inspired by Moody Blues songs, partly by my anthropological mentors & culture heros, and partly by what I was seeing in Eugene, Oregon (and elsewhere), in 2018 & ’19. Although it tells the truth about our darkside, the song also celebrates our potential and opportunity. Lyrics @ P.T.H.S.

Last Wake Up Call

This song came as a last minute wake up call that needed to be. Like the others before it, it’s got references to Biblical stories and symbolism as much as references to some of my favorite songs and their content. Until I get it recorded, I hope you can imagine a potent, plaintive call to action, and an increasingly rousing encouragement to sustain faith, courage, and building momentum to victory. Of course, this one was conceived and written with deep appreciation, infinite gratitude, and great admiration for Little Richard and Eric Burdon (and the Animals). Link > Last Wake Up Call

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