Michael Lucas Monterey is a generalist, a multispecialist: a holontologist, meta-economist, axiologist, logic ecotect, Buddhist philosopher, artist, sculptor and writer. Michael’s long experience in the arts, technological disciplines and scientific research enabled a unique ability to develop trend-setting, AI-enabled solutions in several related fields.

Michael’s training in the fine arts began at age 4, in 1952. In later pre-teen years Michael’s interest was drawn to cyptography and the history of war and espionage. His training in architectural drafting, design and construction technology began in 1964, giving him complementary technical skills unusual for a middle-class midwesterner. That enabled appreciation of futuristic architecture, community planning, ethical economics, number theory and metamathematics, accompanied by ongoing study of the history of money, banking, culture, religions and spirituality.

In the 1970s, work in architecture, engineering, graphic design and publishing positions gave way to a series of successful art related business startups. Consciously directed dreaming for creative problem solving and design enabled many extra hours of productivity, nightly. Studying the works of R. Buckminster Fuller, Malcolm Wells, Paolo Soleri, and other innovative pioneers led to Michael’s own research and development (R&D) of ecotecture, neo-primitive design-build techniques, new green materials & technologies, sustainable community planning and evolutionary social theory, from 1976 to the present. Along the way, interest in computer science, logic architecture and semiotics increased, as the construction and design sectors declined with the US economy.

From the early 1970s on, Michael’s small business ventures were based on Michael’s freelance graphic design, jewelry design & manufacturing, nonfiction writing and publishing. From 1986 on, Michael’s R&D included new paradigm community credit & currency systems. R&D also led to creating formulas and samples of his ultra-durable Ultradobe and Ultracrete building materials from 2003 to 2009. He recently completed basic research for a new unitive theory of mathematics, natural logic and energy (books in progress).

From late 1998 to the present, ongoing R&D of new number theory, computer logic architecture, semiotics, cryptography, data compression and superior semiotics for a fully logical, super-efficient, ultra-secure logic infrastructure, much more effective for ET navigation and communication. Recently, new AI apps led to a tentative alliance several other brilliant innovators. The proposed Global Community Development Alliance and its global credit+currency system are in final pre-startup development.

Michael now enjoys life in the Willamette Valley Bioregion and continuing his multi-disciplinary R&D. Michael’s contact info:

michael@michaellucasmonterey.com or 541.852.5581

ML Monterey, 1430 Willamette Street, 248, Eugene, OR 97401 USA

A More Technical CV/bio:

Study & training in the arts, science, and history from 1952 to now. Training & work architectural design & construction engineering from 1964 to 1975. Began study of ontology, axiology, Eastern philosophy, and communal sociology in 1967. Independent R&D of ecotecture, community planning, experimental vehicle technology & design, and theoretical physics from 1975 to now.
Study of Nikola Tesla’s advanced energy technologies began in 1973. That inspired progressive research & design of high-efficiency ultra-high-energy power systems (from 1994). Study of sociology & whole-systems theory also began in 1973. Study of computer science & logic architecture began in 1981. In 1982, began formal study & practice of Tibetan Buddhist mind-training under Tulku Tai-Situpa Rinpoche, Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, and masters of the Nyingma Dzogchen lineages.
Interdisciplinary research & ecotectural design continued while co-creating and running 2 successful startups, a jewelry & metacraft manufacturing firm, Cooper Metalcraft, Inc. (from 1981 ~); and a fine art print & greeting card firm,Temple of the Spirit Editions, Inc. (1988 – 1993). Intensive study of monetary systems theory & history, political economy, constitutional & commercial law began in 1986, with QJ Workman. In 1988, began R&D of “On the Way” (first book project), a modern ‘American’ interpretation of Dao-de Jing (Tao Te Ching).
In 1995, I was introduced to Brooks Herndon & Chuck Moore (inventor of the “Forth” computer language & Gen-4 chip ecotecture) & resumed research of integrated crypto-compression & logic ecotecture. By 1999 R&D of advanced data compression, AI-enhanced cryptography & global logic ecotecture led to breakthrough discoveries for ultra-secure, high-efficiency IT infrastructure for “Web 4.0” (integrating some elements of what became blockchain & Web 3.0 technology). That also led to intensive R&D of advanced number theory & metamathematics, and to breakthrough discoveries that eventually led to unconditional, definitive proofs of several outstanding open problems (RH, GC, CC, the TPC, P/NP, etc.).
More R&D of ecotecture & ecological community development continued on Hawai’i. There, while finishing the first draft of “On the Way” I started “Awakening 101” (on Buddha’s teachings for householders, et al), then, in early 2001, finished, published & marketed it (nationally). For that, I started Skydance Multimedia, then the Daka Editions imprint (2001 – 2004).
In 2003, while doing R&D of advanced ecotectural building materials & technology R&D, my first “proof of concept” (Gen-5) crypto-compression coding & IT ecotecture prototype project was completed (successfully) with Dr. Robert LaQuey. In late 2004, I co-founded Green Community Builders, Inc. (of San Diego County, CA), but the RE-finance Meltdown was already gaining momentum there. Yet, my R&D of ultraGreen, ultra-durable building materials continued, successfully, until relocating to Oregon again (early 2006). There, my ecotecural design, community planning, consulting work & writing resumed. I began R&D of what would become “Wild Wisdom, Sacred Vision” (final draft in progress).
Bubble Market forces forced several moves & years of travel. Yet, work & interdisciplinary research continued. In 2008, Ralph Johnson & I co-founded a startup to develop & market my first ultra-secure super-efficient communication app & widget. The RE Meltdown-Bailout catastrophe ended that venture before it got off the ground. In 2009, for Dr. Mark Hanson, I began R&D and grant-funding research & consulting for the Heartland Coalition & Foundation of San Diego. That year, I also began on-site R&D, design & consulting for Tes Kempner and her community group. Then, after working with Jim Bell at his Ecological Living Systems Institute (SD, CA), I moved to Joshua Tree, CA, then to Seattle, WA. There, while writing, doing R&D and consulting, I was introduced to Nichiren Buddhism, then joined its local community group.
In early 2012, I began R&D, writing, consulting & design in Crestone, CO, in the gigantic Upper Rio Grande watershed. With the local environmental activists & montaine-riparian ecologist, Tom Glyder, I helped draft & complete a historic watershed conservation & bioregional water use report. That quickly initiated a new era of multi-stakeholder, inter-jurisdictional inter-agency cooperation (to prevent rapid decline into irreversible water crises). I later wrote & posted Water Crisis 2020, to motivate action to prevent a national water crisis & disaster. In 2013 I started BioAlchemy Artisans, Inc., for developing, producing, and marketing “Source Brews, Elixirs, Etc.” (adaptogenic tonic beverages). By 2014, my R&D of new theory & metatheory of macro-ontology & energy science was maturing, but I began to realize that my maths R&D and writing should precede work on the physics & cosmology problem.
Back in Oregon, those projects, etc., came to fruition. Now, the Work goes on.

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