Michael Lucas Monterey is a generalist, a multispecialist: a holontologist, meta-economist, axiologist, logic ecotect, Buddhist philosopher, artist, sculptor and writer. Michael’s long experience in the arts, technological disciplines and scientific research enabled a unique ability to develop trend-setting, AI-enabled solutions in several related fields.

Michael’s training in the fine arts began at age 4, in 1952. In later pre-teen years Michael’s interest was drawn to cyptography and the history of war and espionage. His training in architectural drafting, design and construction technology began in 1964, giving him complementary technical skills unusual for a middle-class midwesterner. That enabled appreciation of futuristic architecture, community planning, ethical economics, number theory and metamathematics, accompanied by ongoing study of the history of money, banking, culture, religions and spirituality.

In the 1970s, work in architecture, engineering, graphic design and publishing positions gave way to a series of successful art related business startups. Consciously directed dreaming for creative problem solving and design enabled many extra hours of productivity, nightly. Studying the works of R. Buckminster Fuller, Malcolm Wells, Paolo Soleri, and other innovative pioneers led to Michael’s own research and development (R&D) of ecotecture, neo-primitive design-build techniques, new green materials & technologies, sustainable community planning and evolutionary social theory, from 1976 to the present. Along the way, interest in computer science, logic architecture and semiotics increased, as the construction and design sectors declined with the US economy.

From the early 1970s on, Michael’s small business ventures were based on Michael’s freelance graphic design, jewelry design & manufacturing, nonfiction writing and publishing. From 1986 on, Michael’s R&D included new paradigm community credit & currency systems. R&D also led to creating formulas and samples of his ultra-durable Ultradobe and Ultracrete building materials from 2003 to 2009. He recently completed basic research for a new unitive theory of mathematics, natural logic and energy (books in progress).

From late 1998 to the present, ongoing R&D of new number theory, computer logic architecture, semiotics, cryptography, data compression and superior semiotics for a fully logical, super-efficient, ultra-secure logic infrastructure, much more effective for ET navigation and communication. Recently, new AI apps led to a tentative alliance several other brilliant innovators. The proposed Global Community Development Alliance and its global credit+currency system are in final pre-startup development.

Michael now enjoys life in the Willamette Valley Bioregion and continuing his multi-disciplinary R&D. Michael’s contact info:

michael@michaellucasmonterey.com or 541.699.1099

ML Monterey, 1430 Willamette Street, 248, Eugene, OR 97401 USA

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