So Lucky (a happy new song lyric)

November 18, 2021

Today, almost exactly 2 months after beginning work on my “Beyond the Gates of Eden” I finished “So Lucky” (my 38th lyric work of post-Gonzo eco-poesy).
> It’s now listed & linked @ my Projects page.
> Now, since my new little works have received such underwhelming response, I did my best to make “So Lucky” a mostly happy, uplifting piece of celebratory Rockabilly doggerel. In fact, though I was going to post it yesterday, this AM I realized that I needed to make it even more like a wildly joyous Jerry Lee Lewis rock classic (especially the finale). Hope you enjoy the Heck outa it.
> FYI: I also changed 1 word of Beyond the Gates of Eden (in verse 2). I hope you appreciate that at least half as much as I do.
> Best of luck, etc.

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