The Economics of Corruption vs. Justice

“A thing is worth whatever somebody will pay for it.”  ̶  Anonymous

“It is hard to explain something to someone who is paid not to understand it.”  ̶  George Orwell

I am not an academic economist, nor a professional practitioner. I may be the first post-modern meta-economist, though the label seems inadequate. I came to the subject rather haphazardly, after several major setbacks and difficulties related to several phases of decline of the socioeconomic system and culture of the USA. This work was also inspired by a rare, eccentric, yet farseeing and insightful mentor, who was motivated by the Great Depression and decades of aftermath. Having excelled in architecture, art and entrepreneurial ventures requiring progressive technical expertise, ongoing decline  and increasingly extreme dysequity motivated ongoing research and development.

In the process, I realized that we have a problem with a root cause. Some call it money, wrongly. We could call it ethical illness. Dr. David Suzuki called it ethicide. It fuels perpetual war, poverty, national debt, insane taxation, Drug War Inc., pollution, social Darwinism, politics for profit, oblivious diversion, subversion and more anti-life perversion. It destabilizes and harms the whole world. Not curing it makes it worse. We can cure it, with holonomic axiology, the science of value.

Oceanographers, ecologists and other life-science experts know that we need a solution to avoid mass-extinction sooner rather than later. For a brief yet incisive critique of the role played by pseudo-scientific economics and economists, it would be hard to find one better than Michel Gueldry’s scathing 25 pages of historical fact and analysis (Gueldry 2015). Regardless, neither Gueldry nor any known economists propose a generally acceptable systemic solution.

This brief prologue introduces the solution, yet fully considering more of the symptoms helps put the necessity into perspective. The following are major examples:

The rate of species extinction may now rival the five Great Die-Off level extinctions of the past (Pearce 2015). AI-enhanced automation and the AI Arms Race evolve ever more rapidly. AI maximizes production, lethal efficiency and profits, minimizing costs and risks. That guarantees increasing job loss. That may soon exceed our global birth rate. In the poorest, most populated, least educated cultures, conversion to archaic religion exceeds the birth rates where more moderate religions prevail (Burke 2015). Populations in the most developed industrialized nations are aging. Our birth rates thus decline more rapidly. Accelerating climate change causes increasing migration, hundreds of millions more refugees in the next 12 years or so (Harvey 2018). Losing-class political power declines more rapidly as chaos, fear, plutonomy and desperation increase. Less than 0.01% of us now control and exploit nearly 90% of the world’s resources and assets, leaving little more than 10% for about 90% of us (RWER 2009).

A recent article on the latest IPCC report on climate change relates the overall effect as akin to genocide and worse:

Hundreds of millions of lives are at stake, the report declares, should the world warm more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, which it will do as soon as 2040, if current trends continue. Nearly all coral reefs would die out, wildfires and heat waves would sweep across the planet annually, and the interplay between drought and flooding and temperature would mean that the world’s food supply would become dramatically less secure. Avoiding that scale of suffering, the report says, requires such a thorough transformation of the world’s economy, agriculture, and culture that “there is no…historical precedent.” (Wallace-Wells 2018)

A globally coordinated solution is possible, if we fully understand and counter the causes, but the anti-ethical nature and purpose of the world’s financial system prevents that. Judeo-Christian scripture tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Jewish and Islamic scripture both declare loaning of money for compound interest an evil, condemned by God (or, in Arabic, Allah). The Holy Bible says “you cannot serve both God and Mammon (the demon of greed)” and that there will always be poverty. Finally, the Book of Revelation says our worst problem is not a supernatural Devil, but “powers, principalities and corruption in high places.” Scriptures may be questionable, yet they refer to real problems, including evil, ignorant negativity, injustice and tyranny.

Christians believe that Jesus said “you shall know the truth, and it will make you free.” The truth is that poverty is impossible without money, greed, corruption and confusion. Unfortunately, as the late great scientist Carl Sagan realized, too many of us are bamboozled, “and the longer and worse we’re bamboozled, the less we want to know about it.” Thus, the late great showman P.T. Barnum thought he should “never give a sucker an even break,” also that, “a sucker is born every minute.”

Regardless of the birth-rate, if truth makes us free, not knowing it makes us slaves. That, and the devolution of education, makes wisdom essential to the solution, not the whole of it (Berkowitz, Illich, Gatto). Suzuki also saw modern money and economics as social diseases aggravating political corruption, one of the worst symptoms of AIDS-like cultural illness (Suzuki, Cahuc, Syll 2018). The solution also requires action, after taking the right medicine.

Beginning with the truth seems wise. Problems have causes and contributing factors. Dr. Abdelkader Chachi, PhD., found that the cause of our problem is ancient (Chachi 2005). Systematic exploitation, currency devaluation, inflation and destabilization both precedes and coincides with the fall of empires and civilizations. Legendary histories of most ancient cultures concur, telling of the world being destroyed because too many people got greedy and fell out of harmony with nature and spirit. The late great historian Chalmers Johnson saw it happening again, globally (Johnson 2004, etc.).

Why? Fully understanding money, love and evil is no easy task, especially for economists. Adam Smith’s moral philosophy notwithstanding (Smith 1759-1790), ethics, good, evil and corruption were gradually deleted from Euro-American economics. Viral re-education seems essential for a cure, but full recovery requires wisdom in action. That must include the concerted energy and action of mind, voice and body, guided by truly healthy intention and ecocentric bio-ethics.

Thinking and acting as if ethicide and ecocide for profit are acceptable or integral costs of capitalism and free trade is simply insane. Remember, in the sandbox of childhood, per the Biblical golden rule, free trade is fair trade, equitable exchange of value for like value. Sustaining a stable standard of values for ethical society, reliable currency, debt-free exchange and fair trade requires an ethical cultural paradigm. For example, the economy of Star Trek sustained a fantasy world without money, taxes, debt and poverty. That is only possible without perpetual inflation (devaluation), chaotic instability and systemic evil.

The souq (or souk) system still works in Asia, the Middle-East and North Africa—after thousands of years—with ancient values and per transaction pricing. The prime value was and is quality of life (QOL), for the participants, their families and communities. The Potlatch system served America’s first Northwestern cultures very well, for countless centuries. Wealth was the potential and ability enabling high QOL—with abundant giving, sharing and enjoyment of nature’s abundance—no poverty, interest or taxes. We could now enjoy the best advantages of all three examples mentioned above.

How? The IRS wants tax for your “net income” (profit). Pure credit, giving, sharing and the “even trade” of fair exchange are free of profit and dysequity. Real money was a systemic abstraction of cultural credit, complicated with rules and symbolism, easily subverted and perverted. Perverting money enabled usury, interest, national debt and corrosive taxation.

Einstein saw that “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who do nothing about it,” yet income tax confused him.

Cyber-currencies, modernized barter systems, microfinance and existing local credit systems are equally vulnerable to dysfunctionality and offer no real solution. Why? The existing alternatives to perverse money are more or less tied to subverted beliefs about value, money and taxes; and they lack rules and principles redefining credit, wealth and success. Without revision of the rules and redefinition of the goals of the game, there will be no effective alternative, no real solution.

Still, anything we can understand and describe can be programmed and automated. Banks did it long ago. Cyber-coins depend on it. So, naturally, we can define a Win-Win system of best principles, policies and rules to create and sustain a new cultural economy that integrates:

  • the best functions of the Star Trek Federation’s credit system
  • the priceless souq paradigm and
  • the ancient gifting and sharing ways

The alternative? More decline as the winners take all. For example, Warren Buffet recently told an interviewer, “there’s class warfare all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and it’s winning”(Stein 2006).

Despite Buffett’s agenda, Bankster debt-bucks and better tax policies will never buy a way out of our worst problems. The ethicidal trend also maintains the following ills:

  1. maniacal consumption
  2. toxic production
  3. planned obsolescence
  4. atrocious waste
  5. ecocide-for-profit, sanctified by law & the Fed

Usually, despite the many atrocious symptoms, nearly 99.9% of us seem unaware of the class war, the spiritual illness and the cause. The 0.01%ers seem to think winning higher scores—by keeping their casino capitalism scam going—is all that matters. For example, Buffett recently said that his class won their class-war (Kosik 2018). I agree. They won by bamboozling each generation of losers into believing that the GDP and “winner takes all” goal of their game is more important than cultural wellness and the QOL. So, while they eat ever more of our little slice of the pie, “the Fed” feeds us numbers that lie.

Consider this: Nobel laureate economist and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman calls the Trump regime’s propaganda “nothing but lies”(Krugman 2018). Ending mass-confusion about money and taxes clearly matters (Martin 2014). However, mainstream economists will never save us.

Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz offers little or no comfort to the working poor and poorer (Stiglitz 2017). Celebrated humanitarian economist Manfred Max-Neef delivers heart wrenching descriptions and explanations of the problem, but no definite solution or action plan (Max-Neef 2012). E.F. Schumacher came close, seeing economics lacking ethical compassion as like sex without love. He championed Buddhist ethics, compassionate realism and local currencies, but no generally accepted strategy for a sustainable solution (Schumacher 1973). In his lecture on The Wisdom of Leopold Kohr, Ivan Illich cut to the root of the problem:

“Algorithms ‘purified’ value by filtering out appropriateness, thereby taking the good out of ethics.” (Illich 1994)

What could be more inappropriate than less appropriateness, less good and more evil? Trading goodness for valueless  econometrics, preposterous postulates and amoral dogma totally perverted the future of economics. Lacking humanity, it ignored the reality of systemic evil. That made anti-ethical immorality the new normal of kleptocracy, funding dysethical economics for the sake of the hyper-rich winning-class. Their concern for QOL was made irrelevant long ago, if it ever existed at all. Therefore, both Kohr and Illich saw economics as an unfixable part of the problem, deserving replacement. They left what that might be unspecified.

Existing digital currencies provide no remedy. They perpetuate the game, serving as low-budget hedge funds, currency laundromats and bubble market gambles. What are they worth? They measure rankings of volatile national currencies, momentary, ever-changing numbers in cyber-space—not actual values, goods, services or natural benefits. What could be worse? “Mining” (creating) conventional crypto-coins at the current rate could raise the average global temperature by another 2℃ in the next 20 years or so, submerging the coastal real estate where 70% of us live, as the rest of our habitat dies.

Existing social reform & economic justice movements, submovements, factions and intentional community groups have not succeeded because they lack the right mix of all the required ingredients:

  1. the necessary intent & objectives
  2. an effective strategy & global infrastructure
  3. adequate funds, methods, logistics
  4. sufficient membership & staff
  5. sufficient credibility & popularity
  6. intercommunity cooperation

The “tragedy of the commons” is as unnecessary as it is unsustainable. Chris Hedges describes the destructive realities of the plutonomy game with passionate precision (Hedges 2018). Noam Chomsky explained our potential for omnicide and ecocidal mania (Chomsky 2018). Yet, a well-understood set of new rules, definitions and values, a new paradigm, could foster and support a civilization worth sustaining. That requires citizens who can afford that much QOL, and a way to sustain it.

The key issues are simple enough for children and, if we want cultural wellness, ethical AI can help us succeed where most human adults keep failing.

How? The way medical AI “expert systems” help doctors save lives. Clearly though, only biocentric ethics will foster and support the knowledge and action necessary. A truly Green paradigm can support an effective alliance of ethical evolutionaries and healthy communities. A global community development alliance (GCDA) will enable a stable, AI-enhanced global community credit system (GCCS). That will sustain only positive credit and healthy commonwealth. How? The GCCS AI system manager will be trained and informed with a best practices, best ethics and best sources database. As you will see fully explained in following chapters, the GCDA solution enables the right mix of all the ingredients of a lively global commonwealth.

For now, remember this, IBM’s Watson AI system beat the all-time human champion of Jeopardy by virtually reading 60 million pages of text per second. The GCDA’s AI credit system manager will monitor cultural exchange better and quicker than all human economists, bankers, accountants and auditors combined. Fortunately, as you will also see in the following chapters, the GCCS AI management principles, policies and rules also make cyber-coin mining unnecessary. The GCCS will be vastly more energy efficient, fast, and less costly than any existing cyber-currency and exchange system.

Also remember that systems are like games. New rules enable a new game and new results. If we want fair trade and a lively commonwealth for all, we can have it, but we need new rules and goals, and an appropriate legal-financial organizational vehicle, the GCDA. A global alliance of sane people, communities, cooperatives, Green businesses and a next-gen global credit+currency system enable our best odds for Win-Win results.

Why? Because the GCDA+GCCS solution will foster and support all the projects, programs, initiatives, global interaction and liberation of cultural wealth we need. We need emergency response and recovery of ethical society and restoration of our habitat, the biosphere that sustains us. The GCDA provides opportunities and benefits attractive enough to win the trust and participation of a majority of us, at least enough to create and support global change for the better.

Of course, you could wait for the winning-class power players to wake up and end their ecocidal kleptocracy game. Yet, who knows if we have enough time left for that? If we want systemic change for the better, we can have it, if we choose effective action.  Realities, politics and time make optimal QOL and GDH the only right choice, and what is anything else really worth?

Preemptive Rebuttal

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”   ̶  disgraced former Vice-president of the USA, Spiro Agnew

For those of you who still doubt the validity of the thesis or misunderstood exactly what it is, this section refutes the counter-arguments based on mainstream beliefs, opinions, political propaganda and economic dogma. For those of you unfamiliar with the true history of money, credit, banking, financial crime and piracy, the facts may be shocking. However, I encourage you to read on with courage, trusting that proofs are provided.

First though, objections and arguments based on misunderstanding are invalid. Partial understanding or addressing parts of a thesis or argument while ignoring other essentials does not equal real understanding. Accepting failed hypotheses and conjectures of mainstream economics, while ignoring expert authorities with solid evidence, prevents understanding the essentials of history and reality. That prevents realistic economics and ethical politics.

Unfortunately, economics has no fundamental, definitive metatheory, no unitive basis of logical principle (as shown above and in following chapters). It has no ethics, no good and no ecocentric biophilic* values. Yet, the most likely objection and attempted refutation of the thesis is that modern civilization is neither essentially nor totally corrupt. Yet, that ignores the nature of corruption and the true scope of the problem. Hence, since ethics and holistic study of corruption and the effects of good and evil were long ago deleted from the paradigm of mainstream economics, a definitive reminder seems in order here.

Corruption: The original Chinese understanding is still valid. Their ancient word for corruption is a dual pictograph with symbols of rotting/rotten and meat. Corruption is like a psychospiritual, sociocultural form of necrotic, flesh-eating bacterial infection, like gangrene and pathogenic sepsis, the symptom commonly known as blood poisoning. Like rotting meat, unstopped corruption spreads through the mindbody of human culture. Unfortunately, this deadly infection started in the brain of society’s mindbody.

Fortunately, the body of human culture is a very complex ecosystem with several powerful modes of immune response and healing potentials. We call the main modes ethics, positive values, goodness, respect, empathy, compassion, wisdom, spirituality and constructive cooperation. Those are the essential elements of our cultural immune system attacked by corruption. Thus, corruption is also like a psychosocial form of AIDS and cancer combined. Thus, corrupt politicians and psychopathic executives are the cancer cells and deadly disease organisms of society’s mindbody.

Think now, if we were diagnosing a single human being with blood poisoning, Ebola, AIDS and terminal cancer, would we say that a patient was well, ignoring the multiple catastrophic illness?

No, nor would good people blindly pretend that such a horrific fate is a socially acceptable norm, unworthy of medical attention. No compassionate doctor would say anyone with such an atrocious combination of illnesses should be denied the best help available. Yet, nearly all economists are clearly uncaring, silent and seemingly oblivious to the patient’s awful suffering. Most politicians and top executives of the world’s biggest corporations are uncaring, psychopathic vectors of infection.

Another argument against the systemic corruption theory excuses government and politics as usual because some politicians and voters seem moral and truly committed to ethical reform of government and society in general. Yet, despite their claims and passionate activities, those people use the Fed’s debt-for-profit currency fueling and funding the systemic corruption and decay of civilization.

For example, the Fed’s inflation (devaluation) of the US “dollar” has eroded its real buying power down to less than 4% of its apparent 1913 value. The USD’s “official” inflation  over the last 106 years is close to 2,400%. When the Federal Reserve Act was illegally passed in 1913, a US postage stamp was priced at $0.02, but the price has inflated 2,750% since then. That proves an average devaluation of very nearly 26% per year, the real rate of inflation. In 1912 the average income in the USA was $1,033.00 and most business owners enjoyed no more than 12 times the buying power of their lowest paid employee, as is true in Japan and the Nordic nations today. Teachers’ income in 2019 Fed bucks is now more than 100 times the 1913 US dollar value, but most teachers now struggle to survive while suffering in woefully mismanaged, under-performing, under-funded schools. However we calculate and analyze the numbers, it should be obvious that just maintaining our buying power requires making much more than 1% or 3% or even 10% per year increase of wages and/or return on investment (ROI). Those who lost half their assets in the high-tech crash of 2000-2001 and another 50% of their remaining assets in the Meltdown-Bailout scam of 2007-2009, would have had to make 100% ROI per each of those economic disasters to restore their prior affluence. Did they achieve such amazing ROI—in any number of years—while the real buying power of the Fed’s dollar was being devalued by up to 26% per year? No, not unless the losers became top tier hedge fund managers and/or market makers.

Where did the great American Dream go? The Fed now shows median income in the USA as nearly $50,000.00 (give or take $20,000.00), but average CEO compensation rose 17% in 2017, to at least 312 times that of a “typical” employee, not the lowest paid worker. Somewhat earlier, if Mark Zuckerberg’s annual income had been included in the calculations, average CEO compensation would have been reported as nearly 3,000 times more than the lowest paid corporate employees. So, Mr. Z’s compensation was excluded. Meanwhile, Trumponomics and lower unemployment, more modern efficiencies and greater productivity have had no financial effect really benefitting 99% of workers and their children. Clearly, quite the opposite is the truth. The hyper-rich winning-class kleptocrats keep getting richer while the rest of us get poorer, whether we admit it or not.

What do the moralists do about the real “hidden hand” in the national cookie jar? Yes, nothing, but remember, the Fed was allegedly created to prevent national economic disasters that cyclically devastated average families. Yet, obviously, the Fed’s Bankster owners helped orchestrate every national financial disaster from before its beginning. Never the less, seemingly moral politicians (mostly lawyers) and brainwashed voters do nothing about it for the sake of themselves or their children. They either ignore the Fed’s disastrously toxic national-debt-for-profit con-game or else remain blithely bamboozled, or as paralyzed as a doomed deer in the headlights. That demonstrates the successful corruption of kleptocratic society and civilization, nationally and globally. After all, standing by and doing, saying and caring nothing about systematic evil maintains corruption, by being an accomplice by default, the sin of cowardly inaction at the least. At the worst, maintaining the systemic injustice of the Fed and the multinational Bankster cartel is a mass-sin of mass-fraud for the sake of callous greed.

Finally, a common argument claims that no other socioeconomic system is workable or generally acceptable. That, essentially, is a tacit confirmation of the thesis, that the system and most if not all participants are fundamentally corrupt. It also assumes that the vast majority of players, using Bankster debt-currencies deliberately support the inherently corrupt and corrupting Bankster paradigm of kleptocratic society. That not only assumes the incurability of corruption, it perpetuates it and tends to prevent the cure, at least individually. Yet, when hundreds of millions or billions of us fail to believe in and support ethical living and a better future for all generations, that tends to make a dystopian future a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whatever the result, even if the vast majority of participants are unaware of the nature of the game and the massively fraudulent injustice they help perpetuate, the “no better alternative” argument supports the validity of my thesis.

Now, rather than make this an excessively tedious or superfluous explanation of all the above, to supplement the expert quotes included in the prologue, I offer the link list of the Real-World Economics Review’s most downloaded papers by world famous experts:


To put it more simply yet precisely, the thesis is this:  The pandemic deficiencies of knowledge, understanding, wisdom and ethics foster and maintain the psychopathic kleptocracy ruling the world and ruining our habitat.

That assertion is supported by history and the ever-growing number of victims, and by the chronic failures of mainstream economics. It may seem hard to believe, but orthodox economics is not the only batch of pseudo-scientific rhetoric commonly unquestioned by under-informed, dysinformed students, corrupt academics and unscientific members of the public. Yet, the sub-thesis is that modern civilization’s chronic ills are perpetuated by commercially sponsored systemic dyseducation.

Speaking from experience, I can testify to the progressively insane corruption of education in the USA, without explaining its earliest subversion by the promoters of the Bavarian system. The late great educator, activist and author John Taylor Gatto gives the best history of the beginning of the end of life-enhancing education. For this brief report, we can look to the rapidly accelerating decline of community colleges, their falling enrollments, decreasing offerings and services, and the runaway escalation of tuitions. Compare that to the Nordic peoples who consider their educational institutions vehicles of cultural progress, worthy of national investment. For example, the universities and colleges of Norway are free, tuition-free, not only to Norwegians, but to anyone who can afford to live there.

I can offer other examples of cultural corruption from any current news source or an archive of the historic record, but the January 24, 2019, issue of the Eugene Weekly offers abundantly typical evidence to support my diagnosis. On the first page of content (p. 4) the Viewpoint column features a multiple-choice Pop Quiz! designed to publicize the commercial tsunamis of ecocidal greed threatening the Willamette River ecoregion. The candidate Perps are listed as:

  1. “Some local land-use attorneys representing homebuilders”
  2. “Out-of-state pave-and-run developers”
  3. “Lane County Housing Authority’s land acquisition and disposables policy”
  4. “All of the above”

The correct answer is D, but those are really not all the responsible Perps. The majority of the blame falls on the citizens of the region and of the nation who do nothing to change the systemic corruption that makes toxic profit seem more important than optimal QOL (quality of life). In the Letters (to the EW editor) section, 8 of the 11 writers address problems that would not exist if our society valued QOL highly enough to change the rules and goals of the money game. The following feature articles all report other severe symptoms of the organized corruption, ecocidal insanity and toxic financial warfare commonly accepted as normal business-as-usual. Unfortunately, none of the authors, editors or letter writers has any understanding of the whole-system problem. The vast majority of the Banksters’ victims are divided and diverted, focusing on single issue fragments of civilization’s illness and decline.

Several popular video series depend on the modern and not-so-modern reality of systemic corruption:  Billions, Ozark and Justified depict the current phase of systemic crime and socioeconomic decline. The Deadwood series and many video documentaries on the conquest of this hemisphere confirm the trendy history of greed fueled systemic corruption. True, some invaders were not overtly corrupt, but the whole dynamic of conflict existed only because the world’s mainstream socioeconomic paradigm and its toxic financial system make corruption systemic, chronic and insidiously infectious. Those truths are verified by popular mainstream documentaries. For example, Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States, Fahrenheit 11/9 (and Michael Moore’s other films), and Lauren Greenfield’s Generation Wealth make the ongoing trend painfully apparent. Drugs Inc. and many other films & video documentaries detail the toxic economics fueling America’s ongoing Drug War, the profitable war against GDH (global domestic happiness), peace, nature and most of us. If we all remembered, really understood and acted on the realities exposed by Inside Job, The Big Short and Capitalism: A Love Story, later documentaries on the problem would have been unnecessary (click those weblinks for synopses and more content).

If only half the evidence shown in all the documentaries linked above was real, both my diagnosis and my thesis would still be valid. Consider the recent history of Portugal. It proves that deprohibition totally eliminates the obscenely high profits that keep all the criminal drug cartels, corrupt police, prosecutors, lawyers, judges and political parasites getting rich on our personal and financial damages. Portugal’s deprohibition of popular drugs also eliminated or minimized many other expensive cultural illnesses. Yet, in the USA, after nearly 12 years, who knows that, and who cares about a real solution here in the USA and elsewhere? Who sees mainstream news about Israel supporting R&D of cannabinoid (“marijuana”) compounds and therapies for the last few decades? There is still no effective mainstream initiative to end the destructive insanity of drug prohibition ruining the QOL here and everywhere else criminal empires and corruption infect nations, communities and families.

Does that still seem too harsh or pessimistic? Consider this, several years ago the CNN network sponsored the research and production of a 3-part documentary series, Weed, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The series brought the 80-year fraudulent conspiracy to light on mainstream TV, prime-time, for all the world to see. Yet, even now, who cares enough to end the illegal, treasonous atrocity and massively damaging injustices of the fraudulent misclassification and prohibition of cannabis? During the 80-year Drug War, the socioeconomic damages of seizure and forfeiture of private property amounted to trillions ($FSD), with countless more in actual collateral damages. Despite the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision limiting the use of forfeiture as excessive fines for extra revenue (for corrupt local, state and federal agencies), innocent people can still lose their homes, cars, etc., without being charged with a crime, without being able to afford the cost of recovery. That proves systemic corruption is the new normal.

The following excerpt from the PBS webpage about the Ken Burns series Prohibition is as true now, of cannabis and other recreational drugs, as it was of alcoholic beverages:

…the enshrining of a faith-driven moral code in the Constitution paradoxically caused millions of Americans to rethink their definition of morality. Thugs became celebrities, responsible authority was rendered impotent. Social mores in place for a century were obliterated. Especially among the young, and most especially among young women, liquor consumption rocketed, propelling the rest of the culture with it: skirts shortened. Music heated up. America’s Sweetheart morphed into The Vamp.

Prohibition turned law-abiding citizens into criminals, made a mockery of the justice system, caused illicit drinking to seem glamorous and fun, encouraged neighborhood gangs to become national crime syndicates, permitted government officials to bend and sometimes even break the law, and fostered cynicism and hypocrisy that corroded the social contract all across the country. With Prohibition in place, but ineffectively enforced, one observer noted, America had hardly freed itself from the scourge of alcohol abuse – instead, the “drys” had their law, while the “wets” had their liquor.

Is that too hard to understand, or are the majority of US citizens just too corrupt to do anything about it? Really, the DEA now has its toxic laws and the Big Drug Cartels and Big Pharma supply the drugs of choice that keep for-profit prisons over-flowing with virtual slave labor and more dangerous graduates. Meanwhile, the USA is plagued with pandemic opiate addiction, afflicting adults and children of all socioeconomic strata.

Yet, despite Ken Burns and PBS, who speaks out against the insanely anti-ethical socioeconomic, sociopolitical immorality as the main reason for ending prohibition and the drug war against us, the People? What could be more immoral than a nation of people who allow ongoing fraud and perversion of law and the judicial system for the sake of corrupt federal police (the DEA, etc.), corrupt judges, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt politicians and their corrupt corporate puppet-masters? The personal and cultural injury and financial damage done over the last 82 years are immeasurable and incalculable but, in nearly half the states of the USA and most other nations, the damage and massive moral decay continues.

For example, who knows or cares that—for nearly 40 years—the American Dental Association, all US colleges of dentistry and all public health officials of US governments ignored and virtually suppressed the ever-growing mountain of evidence that root canal jobs and oral bacteria in general cause a majority of deadly diseases? That is confirmed in the recent documentary The Root Cause and a huge number of verified research reports. More recently, medical scientists discovered that 96% of victims who died of Alzheimer’s dementia had brains infected by the bacteria that causes gingivitis, gum disease. Is that front page news, anywhere? The evidence proving the deadly yet profitable effects mass-fluoridation keeps mounting, but is there federal prohibition of that dangerous substance? No, because fluoride feeds the for-proft medical industry.

A tiny minority of us know of an equally atrocious example of pseudo-medical corruption transcending economic fraud, exposed and denounced by Gerald H. Pollack, PhD. professor of bioengineering (University of Washington) and author of The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor, and Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life and Muscles and Molecules: Uncovering the Principles of Biological Motion:

One could only hope for a detailed point-by-point response from the establishment, but very little of substance has been forthcoming. Mainly, what have come from the AIDS establishment are ex-cathedra responses such as “the evidence is overwhelming.” The book reminds us that although over $100 billion has been spent on AIDS research, not a single AIDS patient has been cured — a colossal failure with tragic consequences. It explains…the reasons why AIDS research focuses so single-mindedly on this lone hypothesis to the exclusion of all others: egos, prestige, and money. Mainstream virologists have assumed the power of the purse, and their self-interests (sometimes financial) propel them to suppress challenges. This is not an unusual story: challenges to mainstream views are consistently suppressed by mainstream scientists who have a stake in maintaining the status quo. It’s not just Semmelweis and Galileo, but what is happening broadly in today’s scientific arena. Only now are the granting agencies beginning to face up to this serious problem.”  ̶ from Review of Oncogenes, Aneuploidy, and AIDS: A Scientific Life and Times of Peter Duesberg by Harvey Bialy (see

That may come as a shock, especially Pollack’s condemnation of the corruption of science in general. Yet, Bialy and Dr. Pollack are not the only opponents of mass-poisoning and murder-for-profit disguised by medical pseudo-science. Consider the following denouncements:

Nutritional AIDS dominates the scene in South Africa today as indeed it did during Apartheid. In the middle [19]50’s and 60’s, 50 percent of black children were dead before the age of five. The causes of death were recorded as: Pneumonia, High Fever, Dehydration and intractable Diarrhea due to protein deficiency. Today, these clinical features are called AIDS. Today in South Africa, TB is the leading cause of death and morbidity amongst Africans, but this is called AIDS.  ̶  Dr. Samuel Mhlongo, MD, Head of the Department of Family Medicine & Primary Health Care at the Medical University of South Africa, Johannesburg; address to European Parliament Conference on AIDS in Africa, Brussels, Belgium, December 8, 2003 (also at aidsquotes)

 I was in Malawi and met with a group of women living with HIV. As I always do when I meet people with HIV/AIDS and other community groups, I asked them what their highest priority was. Their answer was clear and unanimous: food. Not care, not drugs for treatment, not relief from stigma, but food.  ̶  Dr. Peter Piot, tropical medicine, virology, microbiology, formerly UNAIDS Executive Director and author: The First Line of Defense from the World Food Program: Why food and nutrition matter in the fight against HIV/AIDS, United Nations (also at aidsquotes &

The HIV-AIDS model is untenable. The twenty-plus diseases the government defines as ‘AIDS’ (when antibodies to HIV are also present) are caused, instead, by immunosuppressive heavy-duty recreational drug use, antiretroviral drugs, and receptive anal intercourse. The elusive HIV, when present, simply goes along for the ride, lodged in a small minority of the body’s T cells. It is a passenger on the AIDS airplane, not its pilot. – from Letter to

…in 1987 Duesberg ran afoul of the establishment. He published a paper in Cancer Research titled “Retroviruses as Carcinogens and Pathogens: Expectations and Reality,” followed a year later by one in Science, “HIV is Not the Cause of AIDS.” Thereafter, Duesberg was subjected to the punishment now accorded modern-day heretics. The NIH ceased giving him grants (the NIH and other federal and state funding sources have rejected his last 21 consecutive research grant applications), colleagues labeled him “irresponsible and pernicious” (David Baltimore) and his work “absolute and total nonsense” (Robert Gallo), and graduate students at Berkeley were advised not to study with Duesberg if they wanted to go on and have a successful career in biology. He was branded a “rebel,” a “maverick,” an “iconoclast,” and by one writer, in an article in Science in 1988 titled “A Rebel Without a Cause of AIDS,” a “gadfly.” Blocked from receiving grants, he obtained private funds to maintain his laboratory at UC Berkeley, and he now spends part of each year doing research in Germany. His principle work on HIV/AIDS is “Inventing the AIDS Virus”, published in 1996. In this book, and in other papers he has written on the subject, Duesberg systematically dismantles, piece by piece, the germ theory of AIDS. This theory/hypothesis has two parts: 1) HIV causes AIDS, and 2) HIV is sexually transmitted.

When Duesberg’s work on HIV/AIDS and cancer is finally recognized and accepted, it will cause a revolution in science. Over the last 50 years government-sponsored and industry-sponsored research programs have come to dominate scientific research. A totalitarian system now exists where only scientists that adhere to the prevailing orthodoxy can receive funds to conduct research. Not only will the government not fund studies on alternative hypotheses for AIDS and cancer, but this stricture applies to other areas of inquiry. – from A Modern-Day Copernicus: Peter H. Duesberg, by Dr. Donald W. Miller Jr., MD (Harvard), professor (University of Washington School of Medicine)

…the results of the studies described above clearly show that the reductions in CD4+ T cell counts in homosexual patients have resulted from their treatment with glucocorticoids and not as the result of their HIV-infection. These studies provided clinical proof that HIV is a harmless virus and the HIV tests are worthless. – Dr. Mohammad Ali Al-Bayati, PhD, toxicologist, pathologist and author, HIV does not cause AIDS, The BMJ, British Medical Journal, RR, 5 February 2004

 Dr. Al-Bayati convincingly demonstrates that the convergence of several factors other than HIV represent the true causes of AIDS. – from, May 2, 2001

The HIV hypothesis, a staunchly defended thesis among its proponents, assumes that AIDS is caused by an infectious retrovirus. The declaration that the chosen virus was indeed the cause of AIDS was accompanied by the naming of this virus as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Given this name, the HIV hypothesis suddenly became a self-fulfilling proposition and a classical example of the logical fallacy of affirming the consequent. – from the Foreword (of Get all the facts: HIV does not cause AIDS), June 1999, Dr. Otto Raabe, PhD, Professor and Director, Institute of Toxicology and Environmental Health, University of California, Davis

Hundreds of other officially ignored, virtually suppressed and mostly unknown indictments (by ethical medical scientists & doctors) of the homicidal HIV industry prove the case, conclusively. Then we have the atrocious fact that, in the USA, the third most common cause of death is hospitals, medical malpractice and mistakes. Yet, the root cause of it all is the for-profit medical industry, which is clearly insane. For example, since power and greed corrupt and, obviously, few medical students are immune to corruption, permitting for-profit medical science & practice guarantees the growth potential of the sickness care industry and as many more sick people and symptoms as the industry can create, manage and exploit.

We can also look to the atrocities of the Big Pharma and toxic AgriBiz industries that keep poisoning, sickening and ruining more lives, more terrestrial habitat, rivers, streams, estuaries and oceans. Instead of protecting us by prohibiting and eliminating commercially sponsored genocidal crimes against humanity and ecocidal crimes against nature—for the sake of profit, status, illusions of power and security—US government agencies protect the executives of the multinational coprorate perpetrators. Incredibly, despite the worsening damage and political insanity, the media and a vast majority of people do nothing effective to cure the disease, the terminal systemic corruption causing the catastrophic symptoms.

More importantly, a vast majority of us are either unaware of the fact that modern industry, including AgriBiz, wastes about 85% of everything it touches. The worst part? The most effective agricultural technology now in use produces more than 40 times more harvest, acre per acre, while using only 15% of the water required for traditional farming. General ignorance might be excusable if not for the fact that the USA is running out of water for crops and people.

As in the case of the fraudulent banning of cannabis products, politicians, mostly lawyers, have no excuse under the law. In fact, the use of cannabis instead of trees and cotton is a great example of systemic insanity, because cannabis requires a fraction of the water and nearly zero toxic chemicals while producing several times more harvests per year.

The systemic evil of the petrochemical industry should be equally well known but, to clinch the verdict, consider the latest financial evidence. For example, the MacArthur Foundation’s Weekly Climate Review reports more cumulative insult and injury:

…[But] research just released by Influence Map, the London-based nonprofit that tracks corporate influence on climate policy, found that “the five largest publicly-traded oil and gas majors (ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP and Total) have invested over $1 billion of shareholder funds in the three years following the Paris Agreement on misleading climate-related branding and lobbying… designed to maintain the social and legal license to operate and expand fossil fuel operations.” While these companies spent $1 billion on climate PR, they invested a collective $110 billion in new fossil-fuel production, the HuffPosnoted.

We can also consider the global war industry, war, the Perps and the causes. Runaway cyber-war and bioterrorism can be another cause of sudden, catastrophic disaster terminating modern civilization. To dismiss them as marginal yet acceptable risks ignores the fact that the truly equitable cultural economy of an ethical society would lack systemic causes of violent retaliation. Religious causes can be considered at least partially due to corruption, lack of ethics and severely deficient bio-ethics.

From early in the history of modern civilization, the economics of dysequity involved systematic corruption, money, artificial scarcity, greed and irrational hostility. Whatever natural factors influenced people to commit theft, fraud and mass-murder in ancient times, the influence of hostility, greed, mass-foolishness and corruption now dominate civilization and its karmic trajectory, justified by fear.

Yes, there are bad guys, but why think that war is an unavoidable necessity? If the game of civilization was played by other rules, the money invested in the global war industry might be spent on making Earth a natural paradise, at least temporarily.

For an extreme example, imagine the military budgets of the USA and Europe being used to improve the QOL of all Muslims, Africans, Asians and Americans (south of the southern border of the USA). Like most of us everywhere, the vast majority of Muslims and people of other religions have no love of war and horrific destruction. As the Dalai Lama reminds us, everything we do (no matter what) is because we all want to be happy and free. Fortunately, most of us also wish the best possible future for our children. If the soldiers of the USA, Europe and the other mostly peaceful nations are trained to work for the good of all generations, habitat restoration and rapidly increasing affluence could ensure GDH. The happy beneficiaries would then have much less tolerance and no excuse for putting up with violent psychopaths and militant radicals. We might also see a reversal of the rampant over-population and unnecessary impoverishment in 3rd World cities and the horrific living conditions of millions of children, like those in Dhaka, Bangladesh (see Tales of Light, Lister 2018). Instead of the 3rd Worlds urban slums growing by millions per year for 20 years, the refugees of Monsanto’s biochemical warfare and the Bankster gang’s financial war (against 99% of us) could return to their rural villages, farms and bio-intensive organic gardening.

Now, you may call that an extremely unrealistic dream, but why? Is it because most of us want more Hell on Earth? No, the only obstacle is corruption, toxic hostility, greed, ignorant foolishness, fear and the psychosocial momentum of our obsession with maintaining the clearly disastrous status quo of business as usual: dysethical global kleptocracy.

Finally, to conclude the proof of systemic corruption, recall that the official measure of the Fed’s subversion and devaluation of the dollar was nearly 2500%, from 1913 to 2013, and that leaves out hidden inflation. So, regardless of all the other official numbers cooked up—regardless of wages, savings and conservative investment—there is clearly no way for working-class families to get ahead, and not get poorer. Recall also that the Fed initiated QE (quantitative easing) for the sake of the multinational banking cartel, creating nearly 35% structural inflation between 2009 and 2015, nearly 6% extra devaluation per year. QE continues, whenever and for as long as the kleptocrats like. On top of all the rest, official approval of that proves that systemic inflation for the sake of bankers and kleptocrats is a hidden tax on everyone else. The fact that some small business owners and worker-owned coop companies may clear more than 25% per year after-tax earnings does not make the kleptocrat’s scam any less corrupt or any less corrupting.

The truths prove that the worst kind of corruption-for-profit is the not so new commercially sponsored, institutionally accepted, politically approved normal. In fact, the leading historians of money and banking all report the game beginning nearly 5,000 years ago. They show that the power of massively orchestrated fraud, dyseducation and propaganda (AKA for-profit news, funded by trillion-dollar industries) feeds ongoing fraud, corruption, mass-deception, confusion and suppression of truth. I can provide equally appalling quotes and excerpts on systemic corruption, from real scientists, from the realms of physics, astronomy, electrical engineering, anthropology and history, among other fields of knowledge.

Logical and scientific integrity confirm condemnation of the corruption ruling the toxic money game and mainstream economics. But, before ending this prologue, it seems wise to introduce a ray of hope, to counter the seemingly incurable illness of kleptonomics. In the near future, globally, total reforestation and habitat restoration is impossible, but rapid restoration of whole ecoregions has been and still is being accomplished. John D. Liu, film-maker and ecologist, documented the progress in his films and series. He also produced a brief documentary, Real Wealth (click the link to view it), making two of the main points of this work clearly visible. The only real wealth comes from nature, from our habitat and our naturally healthy potentials and activities made possible by nature and our living habitat. Liu concurs that the real cause of poverty, pollution and the destruction of our habitat is corruption. Liu’s brief video on the solution to our worst problems is not only possible and practical, but progressing everywhere people cooperate for the sake of goodness and cultural wellness. Liu’s Green Gold series proves that truth.

The rest of this book not only expands on the critique of the problem but, unlike economics, it reveals the possibilities and essential components of a whole-system solution. If this work generates viral social-media discussion, the solution could succeed much more rapidly than the global increasing   of worker-owned cooperative businesses, even more rapidly and durably than new crypto-currencies. It may not save us from the worst long-term consequences of civilization, but it could save us from more Hell on Earth.

  • Ecocentric & biophilic: Adjectives; denoting a love and appreciation of life, the nature of life and life’s habitat.

Note:  As in Wikipedia articles, text in blue font, underlined, above & below, are weblinked to source material. Furthermore, the rest of the text will also feature weblinked text, with notes and sources following the last chapter.


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